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Will An Automated Speeding Ticket Affect Your Insurance Or Licence?

Did you just zoom past one if these speed cameras? Not again! You have sped over the limit, and now, you wonder if you’re getting a ticket.

People often ask if automated speeding tickets have the same effect on your insurance and driving license as being stopped by police?

Let’s find out!

Understanding The Speed Cameras Around You – How Do They Work?

Speed cameras are part of an Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program. Depending on your province and the varying statistics, you will see that ASE has contributed to reduced road accidents across Canada – and even beyond.

In summary, this program works with a camera. It checks the speed of passing vehicles against the limit and captures any that violates the rules.
For example, if you speed over 50 in a 50km/h zone, ASE will note your violation. Then, the camera will snap your vehicle and the licence plate – or either of the two. After, you will get a notification of an automated speeding ticket.
Furthermore, you should know there are different speed cameras and types besides the picture we attached. In any case, they all work the same.
Also, ASEs are not widely spread for now. You will mostly find them around schools. If you are in doubt, you can always look out for the Municipal Speed Camera In Use sign.

In Toronto, for example, there are only 50 such systems – and the government has started relocating them since May. Even at that, you will only find ASE around schools and community safety zones – none on the highways.

Now, you understand what ASE entails and where you will find its speed cameras. How about the fines? Does the system affect your insurance and driving licence?

Should You Be Wary Of Automated Speeding Tickets Regarding Your Insurance And Driving Licence?

Short answer: no!
Undoubtedly, ASE has proved effective since it started. However, the system has a loophole: As you will find in Ontario’s laws and regulations, ASE only focuses on the vehicle – the speed, the body, and the license plate. It doesn’t capture the face of the driver!
As a result, ASE can’t reduce your insurance premium points, nor can it affect your license renewals. If that’s the case, what can you expect when the speed camera captures you?
Like traffic police, ASE will only fine you for speeding beyond the zone’s limit. And depending on your province, expect varying charges per km above the speed limit.
So, does that mean automated speeding tickets are okay?
Do all within your means to obey all road signs and speed limits. And if you get an automated speed ticket, pay for it.
If you don’t pay for your ASE tickets, it could end up on your licence renewal. Should you delay even further, it means the affected agencies will suspend your license. And with suspension, expect that your insurance rates will increase.
Another case is running a red light. If an ASE showed you to commit such a violation, pay the fine – and fast. Should you delay, the outcome will affect your insurance and licence.
Now, you wonder if you can fight automated speeding tickets?
Yes, you could. But we will advise you to pay the fines.
And if you choose to plea the fines, we can always help you at Fight Traffic Tickets Legal Services. Reach out today, and discuss your needs!

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