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    We fight traffic tickets in court. If you need legal representation to dispute your traffic ticket, then be sure to contact us.

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    If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Toronto, you need legal advice. Our legal team has defended thousands of criminal cases at all levels of court in Ontario.

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    We know that contemplating family issues from a legal perspective can be frightening and emotional. Our referred Family Lawyers handle all family law matters from less complicated cases to very complex cases involving the division of family property.

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    Our team has extensive experience at all levels of court in Ontario and before various quasi-judicial administrative tribunals. We represent business and individuals to address disputes with other businesses, organizations, governments and individuals.

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    Landlord and Tenant Law

    A landlord and tenant relationship is like any other legal arrangement. The landlord and tenant usually enter into a tenancy agreement or lease for an agreed term. The right of the tenant and the rights of the landlord are set out, and they both hope that the tenancy is quiet and peaceful. 

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Did you know that if you pay your Traffic Ticket, it’s an automatic admission of guilt which will show as a CONVICTION on your driving record for the NEXT 3 YEARS ???

Its a moving violation (EVEN WITHOUT POINTS) which will be assessed towards a possible Licence suspension.

Insurance companies will use your conviction (EVEN WITHOUT POINTS) as an excuse to raise your rates possibly even doubling or tripling what your rates are today !!!


DO NOT RECEIVE A CONVICTION -or- allow your insurance to increase:

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