Traffic Ticket Lawyer North York

traffic ticket lawyer north york

Use Fight Traffic Tickets As Your Traffic Ticket Lawyer North York Representative

If you get a traffic ticket for any traffic-related issues, the traffic ticket lawyer North York service provider can help members of the public in York region Area municipalities. The penalties for getting traffic a traffic ticket could be a fine of $110, seized property, parole, license suspension or even imprisonment. You will have three options to deal with the traffic ticket:


  • plead guilty and pay the penalty
  • Plead guilty and appeal for a reduction of sentence or extension of the payment date
  • plead not guilty and go on trial

A win for the traffic lawyer is that every client is entitled to the best defense and even if you do not wish to fight your ticket, your lawyer can save you a lot of unexpected and uncontrolled long-term costs. If you do not challenge your traffic ticket, your insurance company will be notified, and they might increase your rates or cancel your policy


Whichever action you plan to pursue, the safest way to deal with a situation like this is to call for assistance from a reliable and experienced lawyer in handling traffic tickets. If you feel like there has been a misinterpretation of the incident or an error in the procedure and you wish to fight for your right, you can call Traffic Ticket Lawyer North York services right away for a consultation. They can also compete for you if you have already gone through this procedure on your own and lost, were not happy with the result of an error was made by the Justice of Peace.


Traffic tickets that the lawyers at North York fight are: speeding tickets, careless driving, parking, stop sign violation, running a red light, improper passing, driving under suspension or without insurance. They also provide legal services for stunt driving, racing, illegal turn violation and all other violations of the highway traffic act.


Traffic ticket  lawyers will brief you about the severity of the offense and the penalties if you do not adhere to the orders within 15 days of getting the ticket. If you wish to go on trial, you must apply for Notice of appeal within 30 days. They will review the card and gather the necessary documents and signatures immediately to begin the process.


The Traffic Ticket Lawyer North York service provider will give representation for any case no matter how complicated it seems in the Ontario courts. They can investigate and do legal research and prepare your case for trial and appear in court for you with the right knowledge, experience, and resources so that you can carry on your usual life with a clean slate as soon as possible so feel free to reach out any time of the incident.