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According to the provincial laws in Toronto, it is not a criminal offense to drive an automobile without insurance, but it is a violation of the provincial legislation. However, citizens must ensure their car is insured at least by a third-party liability under section 251 of the Insurance Act. If you are in violation of this act and require help fighting your issued no insurance ticket, then you have come to the right place.

The penalty for getting a no insurance ticket in Toronto provinces from North York to Vaughan is a fine ranging between $600 to $25000 on the first conviction and a penalty between $1,000 to $50,000 on a second conviction, depending on the province and the severity of the cases.

On your first conviction, you can also be charged a 25% victim fine surcharge along with the fine imposed by the court and $1,250 victim fine surcharges on your second conviction fine. Your driving license can also be suspended for not more than one year. The car can also be seized and impounded or taken into custody by the law for a maximum of three months.

When the traffic police stop you, the first thing that they usually ask is whether your car is insured and if you have a license. If you fail to show your car insurance documents which are approved by the Superintendent at such times, the court can take several legal actions against you.

If such incidents happen, be quick to take note of your self-awareness and your surroundings so that you use those facts to defend yourself to get your ticket dismissed with the help of a traffic lawyer in your area. Your lawyer can help you get 48-hours to present your insurance, if you have one, or continue to assist you with the complicated steps for clearing your name and reclaiming your rights.

Since there are numerous cases handled by the court for traffic rules violation, it is hard to get away with a no insurance ticket. Ignoring the no insurance ticket could lead to further increasing your future insurance rate, increasing the amount of penalty and your ticket score which will eventually lead you to an accumulation of fines and complicating the case.

Defending yourself when faced with a court appointment is intimidating when you are not confidently aware of the legal procedures. It can be time and money consuming, and if you do not have an expert guide and support in the legal affairs, it is almost impossible to win a case or have a no insurance ticket dismissed.

Let Us Handle That Pesky No Insurance Ticket!

To help you with the legal proceedings, representation, legal advice or any information regarding the car insurance policies in court, you can contact a lawyer from Fight Traffic Tickets Legal Services in your area. They are persuasive and highly efficient, experienced, and well-informed traffic ticket lawyers to help you get your penalties reduced or even have your no insurance ticket dismissed as quickly as possible.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can’t anyone defend me in traffic court?🎫

    No! As of May 1st, 2008 only a licensed paralegal or lawyer may represent you in court. Before you give any paralegal your case and money make sure he/she is licensed.

    Are here any guarantees?🎫

    No! Paralegals, like lawyers, are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. As a result, guarantees are prohibited. A Paralegal that offers a “Guarantee” or “We Win or it’s FREE”, is acting outside the “Paralegal’s Rules of Conduct” as set out by the Law Society and should be reported. You would be extremely wise not to hire a Paralegal to defend who is breaking this rule. There have been many cases before the Law Society Tribunal ruling against such a practice. A person offering a Guarantee may be fraudulently offering services and may actually not be a licenced Paralegal.

    How do I know if a charge has any demerit points?🎫

    Demerit points are not listed on a ticket. Call us to find out if your ticket has demerit points.

    How do I know if a charge carries a potential suspension?🎫

    There are many charges, if you are found guilty, will result in a suspension your driver’s licence for 3, 7, 30 or 180 days.

    Do Novice Licence holders risk higher penalties and/or licence suspensions?🎫

    Depending on the particular charge, tickets issued to a NOVICE DRIVER (G1/G2) may result in a suspension. Suspensions may range from 30 days to 6 months or more. Call Fight Traffic Tickets to determine if you risk a licence suspension.

    Does it make a difference to hire a former police officer to defend you in court?🎫

    No! What matters most is a Paralegal’s legal training and trial experience. Licenced Paralegals are trained and, following extensive Law Society examinations, are licenced to provide legal services in all Ontario Provincial Offences Courts. In fact, the majority of representatives in Provincial Offences Courts are Paralegals – not lawyers and not former police officers. Most police officers have never even been in a trial. In fact, police officer’s have hired Fight Traffic Tickets to represent them in Court!

    How long does the whole court process take?🎫

    Depending on the jurisdiction; fighting a traffic ticket may take anywhere from 10 to 11 months or more.

    Should you request an early resolution to fight your ticket?🎫

    DON’T DO IT! In most cases, if you have been charged with a moving violation, a meeting with the prosecutor guarantees a conviction. At these meetings you have no chance to win because you are pleading guilty and may, in some cases, receive a suspension of your licence. The prosecutor does not have to prove the case against you and the officer doesn’t show up. By attending an Early Resolution meeting you are giving up the possibility to totally win.

    Why hire Fight Traffic Tickets Legal Services?🎫

    Fight Traffic Tickets Legal Services does everything within the bounds of the law to deliver the best results! From the moment you hire us our team will exhaust all avenues and possibilities of defense. Our many testimonials speak for themselves….we deliver positive results!