Criminal Law

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The successful defence of your criminal matter will begin immediately. Trials are won based on detailed preparation months in advance. We know what needs to be done now to give you the best criminal defence at trial. We offer our clients the highest levels of detail, attention, experience and advocacy possible.

Criminal Law Experience that will serve you:

We have years of experience in criminal defence, with a focus on drug offences.

We prosecute Federal matters (drug charges) on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. As a result we have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, which we now use to vigorously defend our clients.

If you require assistance in another area of law, we can refer you to other experienced lawyers practicing in the following areas of law including: Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accident, Slip & Falls, Medical Malpractice, Family, Business, Real Estate, Estates, Wills, Employment, Corporate/Commercial or any other area not specified.

As criminal lawyers, we are committed to defending, providing sound expert advice and fighting tirelessly to obtain the best possible results for you.