Fighting Renoviction Notices And Winning Them

For Brandon Kennedy, it was a score when he landed an affordable apartment in a rather affluent Parkdale neighbourhood. He was a university student, and his monthly rent was just $500 in a two-bedroom apartment he shared with another roommate.

But the happiness was short-lived. In May 2016, just two years after he moved in, the landlord told him to vacate the bedroom. Reason? The new owner of the building was planning to renovate the entire seven-unit building.  Mr. Kennedy was facing renoviction.

?️What is renoviction?

An eviction that is a result of renovations or repairing of an apartment being rented out is called renoviction. In Toronto, landlords can only increase a certain amount of rest in a year.

However, during the carrying out of the renovation, they can force out the current tenants. After completion of the makeover, landlords can charge a much higher fee from the new tenants.

In the case of Mr. Kennedy, the Parkdale Community Legal Services helped him and other tenants to win the case and reach a settlement with the landlord. They continued to stay in their affordable apartment.

?️What can you do in case of renoviction notice?

As the Parkdale Community Legal Services advised Mr. Kennedy and his friends, some of the ways to protect you and your case from renoviction notices include:

  • It is wise not to sign any papers that may jeopardize your case. It is especially true if you do so without any legal help.
  • It is also important to continue paying the standard rent without skipping. Another important thing you can do is not to accept cash to vacate the premises.
  • It is a good idea to team up with other tenants from the same building so you can come to a decision together. Landlords will have an easier time picking off tenants if they work alone.