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Settling Small Claims Just Got Easier in Ontario

The government in Ontario has introduced a new way to expedite small claims. The maximum claim that can be filed in the Small Claims Court has been raised from $25,000 to $ 35,000.

This new order is effective from January 1, 2020. Claims below the $35,000 will now proceed to the 77 small claims court as well as the Divisional Court.

This is a great relief for the Superior Court of Justice. Currently, every claim that is over the $25,000 limit is sent to this court, which is Canada’s busiest court. Litigation in the Superior Court can take years to be resolved even in the case of small claims. Representation in the Superior Court is also very expensive, which can be hard on the claimants.

The new change also brings a lot of advantages for the claimants and the paralegal association. Apart from reducing the wait times for small claims, effective representation for the claimants can be done as well.

What does this small claims change entail?

This new change comes with a number of advantages. This works for the claimants as well as the paralegal association as well. These benefits include:

  • Reducing the workload in the Superior court and also decreasing the wait times for other cases. It gives the court the right resources as well as the time to work on other serious cases, including family cases and criminal cases.
  • Resolving of litigation for small claims will be much faster. Most claims will now be resolved in less than a year, which benefits both the claimants and the court.
  • Expenses for filing small claims, as well as representation, will be less expensive. In some cases, the requirement of claimants will not be necessary to hire legal help.
  • People can file claims through law students and paralegals. They can also choose to represent themselves as well.

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